LabiSync - Sync Everything, Any Device

LabiSync - Sync Everything, Any Device

LabiSync is the easiest and safest way to sync, backup and manage your contacts, calendar, photos, SMS&MMS and call logs across your computers, phones and tablets.

Update contacts, calendar and other content on any device, your other devices will automatically stay in sync with LabiSync. Edit contacts, arrange schedules, read messages and call logs, and view photos anywhere.

1.With nearly 4-year experience in seamless syncing of content across different platforms or devices

2.Send SMS from your computer or tablet

3.Keep your data with protection in recycle bin, modified history, and multiple backups

4.All your content using full 256-bit SSL encryption like E-bank

5.Share contacts by QR code, quickly setup contact photos, and other features.

This program is useful for everyone from business people to company employee and BYODer.